Mouse control of new Camera Focal Point

Hi there,

I’m really enjoying making my videos in paraview so far, but I occasionally want to use to mouse to point the camera to a new location (updated focal point) without changing it’s current position. It seems like Camera rotation is always “around” a center and occasionally this center is also the focal point. I’d love to make camera rotation similar to a human’s experience of standing in the same location and just looking somewhere else.

Is there any existing feature for this?

View/ Animation View. There is a whole section on this in the Classroom Tutorials.

Thanks for your reply!

Do you mean this? 9. Advanced: Animations — ParaView Documentation 5.10.0 documentation

This has been super useful for automating aspects of camera position using different track types, but I’m hoping to interactively change focal points from within the active render viewport with my mouse. I feel like that’s not the animation view purpose, but there’s so many layers to paraview I could very well be mistaken.

I ended up going with a macro that I can use to set the rv.CenterOfRotation = rv.CameraPosition and that’s doing great!

But I’d love to know if there’s a better way to interactively update the camera focal point from within the viewport using a mouse.

You are correct, you aren’t looking for the View/ Animation view. The only other thing I can think of that you may be looking for is - click on the Camera icon just to the top left of a viewport. Is that what you are looking for? This is described in the Beginning GUI section of the Classroom Tutorials.

I think my little macro was what I needed. Now if only these carefully oriented sequential perspectives would survive the process of getting saved as a state file… ( Camera animation state isn't saving - #5 by Devin_Richard_Bayly)