MPI portability with Wi4MPI

Recently ran into this: GitHub - cea-hpc/wi4mpi: Wrapper interface for MPI
Wondering if anyone has looked into using wi4mpi for ParaView? Sounds like a promising approach to distribute portable binaries.

That’s not very useful immediately :slight_smile: . Also a problem if HPC deploy musl-based platforms (e.g., Alpine) in containers.

It certainly looks more interesting if Windows support shows up (though the MPI landscape there is certainly more of a monoculture). A quick look at the strategy seems to indicate that it would be some work as it seems pretty ELF-focused.

Just Linux binaries and the ability for ParaVIew binaries to work with OpenMPI or MPICH derivatives would be great too. While MPICH ABI compatibility covers a good gamut, HPCX is becoming an important MPI implementation in HPC and it’s OpenMPI based.

I’ve been very happy with the MPI ABI compatibility but if there’s a better solution out there I’m all for that!