Muktiple options in scalars field in threshold

I am still trying to understand and figure out how to use ttk in paraview.

In the video i am waitching which is video created by paraview itself, sometime narrator is selecting scalars as pairidentifier, sometime persistance and sometime pairtype.

can you please help me understand what are they and when are they used for what case.

Thank you

@Charles_Gueunet @julien-tierny

(Do we need a TTK section ? serious suggestion @cory.quammen :slight_smile: )

i am sorry, did i do mistake by posting this question?

No, it’s ok @Pravin_Poudel :slight_smile:

I created a tag ttk. Maybe that would be enough?

Otherwise, I think we could have a sub-category for TTK under ParaView Support. I don’t think it rises to the level of a top-level category. We could have other subcategories as well potentially - see how the Slicer community does subcategories:

Sounds good. ttk tag should be enough for now.