Multi-Touch or Tuio in Paraview

I am working on a medical visualization project where they have asked for Multi-Touch or gesture support in Paraview. While I think it may be possible I am not sure. Are there any projects out there or is this something that the Paraview team would take on as a custom feature?



This would require some work but there is the needed tools in VTK to implement such a behavior


This is what I suspected. We do not have the expertise to do this in house. Can you give us a price and timeline to assist us on this endeavor.


We will reach out, or you can use our contact page:

I will put my contact info in the Contact page.

What office should I contact?

This one should be right:

Because I have people asking me, when should I expect a call back on this?

I hate to nudge you again, but I still have not heard from anyone. Can you give me an update?

In urgency, you can call: