multiple 3D tif stacks into 4D animation

Hi to all,
I am new to Paraview, I found paraview from porepsy .
I have a huge dataset of 3D stacks consist of 130 stacks.
I want to make an animation showing the progression of features of those 3D stacks with time.
The simplest solution that I came up is to load all tif stacks and then manually changing for each stack the Coloring: tiff scalars and choose Representation :volume and take a snapshot of each stack and later make a gif file with other software for example ImageJ.
This solution has two drawbacks for me right now its time consuming and the camera angle is stationary.

I also tried to upload the tif files as Paraview group but did not help with animation view.

Is any other way to have the same result without manually taking snapshots of each stack and transforming all the images to gif file later.
Thanks in advance

Hi @DVangelis ,

Ideally, please share an example dataset so we can try it.

In any case, you want your .tif to contain your whole stack, it will make it easier to interact with in ParaView.


Unfrotently, I can not share sample from dataset as it is still unpublished.
I have 3D stacks each consist of 250 binary slices of size 512,512 px with px vlaues {0,1} and the total number of 3D stacks is 130.
I hope now its more clear.
So you suggest to save all 130 Stacks in one big tiff file, of dimensions {130,250,512,512} and import this with Tiff reader in paraview ?