Multiple colormaps for multiblock dataset?

Hello all!

I am working with anatomic MRI data with associated blood flow vector fields. Due to issues with OpenVR, I absolutely need to group the anatomic and vector data into a multiblock dataset. It works decently for my purposes, but I would ideally like to display a separate colormap for each dataset, i.e. grayscale for anatomy and jet for the vector fields. I could not find an intuitive way to accomplish this, so any advice would be very much appreciated!


Assuming you can seperate the anatomy from the vector fields (using Extract Block filter, or loading the dataset twice, with different blocks turned on), you can then paint each seperately with different color maps. Does that work?

Hi @wascott!

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, this won’t work in this very particular case–I am trying to render my data in OpenVR, and unfortunately, if the anatomy and vectors are not within the same group, they actually separate when I try to grab and move them around in VR.

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That is unfortunately not supported by ParaView. You can color by at most one variable and color map in a multiblock dataset.