Multiple display on windows


I’m running windows 7, with MSMPI (1018), Paraview up to date recompiled with MSVC 2017

I try to run paraview on multiple display on windows but it failed on
"Assertion failed: this->ParallelController->IsA(“vtkSocketController”) || this->ParallelController->IsA(“vtkCompositeMultiProcessController”)

Any idea ?
I try first to run multple display on a single machine with :

mpiexec -np 16 pvserver.exe -tdx=2 -tdy=3
And it failed on the previous error.

Other tests with :

mpiexec -np 16 pvserver.exe local.pxv (with 2 display inside)
=> give me only one window instead of 2

server-side > mpiexec -np 16 pvserver.exe client.pxv (with 1 diplay on network client)
client-side > mpiexec -np 16 pvrenderserver.exe
=> Give me nothing

Any clue ?