Multiple time steps grouping

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I am relatively new to paraview, I am sorry if it is a stupid question.
I have multiple vtu files from one transient simulation for time period of 10 sec in the steps of 0.1 seconds. When I am loading those multiple files to paraview they are grouped in datasets each 1 second period. When I am trying to play the simulation in paraview, it plays for the first second and then the picture freezes on last vtu file of the first second, while time continues to run. I have tried to use filters - “group datasets”, but while it is not freezing now, the files are played in some random order.
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Hi @alina6

The simplest way to fix this is to change your numbering system.

instead of:


you may want to use:


If you want to keep the correct time values, then you may want to use a .series files like this:


Thank you Mathieu for your reply. I’ve tried changing the numbering system, tried different configurations, but unfortunately it had not worked.


Regarding .series files, I will have to input manually series of about 100 vtu files (10 groups at least, 10 files each of 0.1 seconds)? May be there is another way?

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If you want to keep the correct time values, then you may want to use a .series files like this:


Hello Mathieu. What reader should I choose for opening .vtu.series I have created?
There is no vtkFileSeriesReader in the readers list.
Also, it is not quite clear to me, where can I find readers description, in order to add the extension.series extension to the extension list of the reader.

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please share a few of your files, I will give you an example.

Please find them attached:
F1.0.vtu (407.4 KB)
F2.0.vtu (407.4 KB)
F3.0.vtu (407.4 KB)
F4.0.vtu (407.4 KB)
plate2.vtu.series (462 Bytes)

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here is a corrected version
plate2.vtu.series (228 Bytes)

Hallelujah! It is working!
I only now understand that the number of files opened in paraview should exactly match the number of files in series file.
Thank you very much for your help!