Name configuration for reader pipeline source

Hi community,

When loading a file, the pipeline source created is named according to the file, including extensions.


This is not always the best choice:

  • this may be a generic name given by the solver, whereas the meaningful part (specifc run informations) may be in the directory name, or elsewhere (inside the file for instance)
  • when working with catalyst, we may prefer to have a generic input name, known as the channel name, so the exported script is always consistent with the simulation adaptor.


In the Open File reaction, we can check for an Information StringVectorProperty. Let’s call it PipelineSourceName. If this property exists in the reader proxy, we use it to set the pipeline source name. Otherwise, we use the filename as usual.

Any thought ?

@cory.quammen @mwestphal

In case this is not clear for all reader, Information Property value are provided by the server and read by the client, contrary to classic properties.

For the specific topic, I’d say that it seems like a fair approach.

Sounds reasonable.

Need to keep in mind that when generating ParaView Catalyst pipelines that the pipeline name for the reader has a correspondence with the channel name. Additionally, for ParaView Catalyst generated datasets the reader switches the pipeline name to the channel name.

This has been implemented in this MR.

If an information property called RegistrationName is found, it is used to rename the pipeline source.

See this example for usage.