Nastran file import error

We have generated 4 Nastran files using Coreform Cubit. The files with “small” in their names were exported without large options. These files can be appropriately imported to Coreform Cubit and other software as well. However, when we open them with ParaView, the BDF files are not imported and errors occur. In fact, ParaView shuts down when “case00.nas” is opened without any error. Only “case00_small.nas” can be opened by ParaView, but the corner nodes are imported at different positions. The contents of the BDF and NAS files are identical exepct for the extentions.

ERROR: In vtkNastranBDFReader.cxx, line 140
vtkNastranBDFReader (000001D46AA2DC10): Wrong size for GRID element, should be at least 5

ERROR: In vtkNastranBDFReader.cxx, line 310
vtkNastranBDFReader (000001D46AA2DC10): Fail to read file.
Error with line:
GRID 30 0 -5 1 5

ERROR: In vtkExecutive.cxx, line 730
vtkPVCompositeDataPipeline (000001D47A4E97B0): Algorithm vtkNastranBDFReader (000001D46AA2DC10) returned failure for request: vtkInformation (000001D47BAA39B0)
Debug: Off
Modified Time: 1342654
Reference Count: 1
Registered Events: (none)

case00.bdf (680.0 KB)
case00.nas (680.0 KB)
case00_small.bdf (589.6 KB)
case00_small.nas (589.6 KB)