Nested animations

I am using Paraview to analyse and debug some simulation code I have written. During the simulation, I update the state of some triangular meshes several times, until the simulation converges. Once the simulation has converged. This is done for each frame of the simulation.

For each frame, I am saving into disk the state of the triangular meshes after each update, so essentially, for each frame, I have several versions of the meshes.

I have written a custom reader to load my results into Paraview. The reader generates an animation, and each frame represents one timestamp of the animation in Paraview. For each of the timestamps I load each version of the meshes as children of a vtkMultiBlockDataSet.

I would like to know if its possible to have something like nested animations, so I can have a frame in paraview, and within that frame, have a subanimation so I can load in it the different versions of the meshes.

It is not easily doable, and probably not possible via the buttons in the interface.

In the animation mode, each frame should be somehow time-related so the best is to have one temporal dataset containg one mesh per timestep.

What you can try if you do not want to change your file structure, is:

  • load your data
  • set Sequence mode in Animation View
  • create Python Track. There you can fill a ParaView python script that is called at each frame. You can code anything you want there so loading data and switching block visibility is absolutely doable.
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