NETCDF Time Annotation

I’m working with netcdf files in paraview (version 5.7) and I need to use the filter ‘NetCDF Time Annotation’, but the filter depends on the python module netcdftime. How do I install netcdftime for paraview on linux? Or Is there a different method in paraview to display date and time in render view, when working with netcdf files?

If you are building ParaView yourself, you can install netcdftime on your system.
If your using the download binary release of ParaView, you can’t use this plugin.

Ok, thank you. To build ParaView on my own I should follow these instructions?:

Is there a given method for how the python module ‘netcdftime’ should be installed in the paraview environment, or is it enough to have it

installed on my machine?

Please follow the current instructions in the repository:
I’ve updated the wiki to point there.

You will want to install netcdftime in python on your machine, then choose the cmake option PARAVIEW_ENABLE_PYTHON=ON as indicated in the instructions.

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