New for paraview web, ask for some functions

I am building a web frame by paraview web visualizer, and there are some requests for the frame, and I wonder if paraview web visualizer can realize them, therefore want to ask for your advise:

1.“hover points on” function, to vusialize the point’s imformation, ( including location. intensity, etc)

2.The 3D objects’ surface will be formed with serveral parts, and we want when click on one part, there will come up with a window with the imformation(some text and some .jpg pictures)

can paraview web visualizer finish these missions? Or do you recommend to use Trame to work with this?

Both 1 and 2 are possible but remain more involved in term of development and knowledge.

Visualizer might be tricky to edit/upgrade. Using its trame implementation might be easier but still would involve some advanced knowledge.

If you don’t need the full visualizer, it might be easier to do a trame app with only what you need.