New reader for Exodus files (IOSS)

Since ParaView 5.9, a new implementation of a reader for reader Exodus files that uses the IOSS library was available. Soon, with 5.10 on wards, this will be the default reader that will be used by ParaView reading Exodus files.

One of the major changes with this new reader is that it uses vtkPartitionedDataSetCollection as the output data type instead of the traditional vtkMultiBlockDataSet. There may be linger issues due to the fact that vtkPartitionedDataSetCollection support is actively under development. The plan is have all the important shortcomings addressed by 5.10.

The old reader is still available, and users can continue to use by loading the LegacyExodusReader plugin. Once the IOSS-based reader is fully capable the we will deprecate the old reader and eventually purge it in 2-3 releases down the line.

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One step closer to removing the vtkSMSILDomain :slight_smile:

Most Excellent!