New trouble opening cell data

All of a sudden opening my solution data has become an issue. In short I use CONVERGE CFD, convert a given solution file to “Paraview in-line binary format”, I then usually work with the cell data file and some of the boundary surfaces as required.

However, as of late last week, any attempt to convert a file from recent simulations and then subsequently trying to open it in Paraview(5.6 or 5.7), results in a loaded file, a blank screen and the error message below

I have tried opening older paraview files, all ok. I have converted older solutions and opened them in Paraview successfully.

Can anyone tell me if the above error message can indicate of the error is related to my CFD software or Paraview?


Well, what did you update ? ParaView ? Converge CFD ? something else in your system ?

One other option is that I have seen the configuration files go bad, and give really weird results. Try going to Edit/ Reset to Default Settings.

Nothing was updated. Nothing was changed.

The only thing that was attempted at one stage last week was to open a new 4 cylinder engine solution with the state file from a already created 3 cylinder engine solution. It didnt work.

Since then all previous solutions open fine. The CFD software support engineers appear to be able to post convert my files and open in Paraview which would suggest an issue my end. I will try a re-install and see where it goes.

Would you think this could happen with only some new files?

Would you think this could happen with only some new files?

This was my understanding. That’s not the case ?