New VR Build

I have built a new VR version of ParaView with collaboration enabled which can be found here as a windows zip file. It includes a small state file (vrdemo3.pvsm) and its data as well.

This binary has a lot of updates and changes in it including:

  • Fix a crash with more than 3 collaborators at once
  • added come to me button to bring other collaborators to your current location/scale/pose
  • fixed crop plane sync issues and hang in collaboration
  • support desktop users in collaboration with an attach to view option that makes the current view behave more like a VR view (shows avatars/cropplanes etc)
  • Added showVRView option to show the VR view of the user when they are in VR. This is like the steamVR option but is camera stabilized making it a better option for recording and sharing via video conferences etc.
  • Added a Widget helper class. Generally broke vtkPVOpenVRHelper into smaller classes and files to make the code a bit cleaner and more compartmentalized.
  • fix thick crop stepping within collaboration
  • Update to new SteamVR Input API, now users can customize their controller mappings for PV. Provide default bindings for vive controller, hp motion controller, and oculus touch controller
  • Add an option controlling base station visibility
  • fixed an issue with avatar rendering when using different scales
  • Support world rotation code for multitouch (both grip buttons held)
  • Fix an issue where measuring distance would change the trigger mode. Now it leaves that setting alone.
  • Fix a crash when closing a view that the openvr plugin was attached to.
  • Fix an issue where desktop attached views were not updating visibility and crop planes on location changes.

These changes are all merged into PV and VTK master and the nightly binaries on windows do include the OpenVR plugin, just not with collaboration support turned on like this build has. The source code changes also include support for displaying images attached to cell data in VR through local file:// links or https:// links including support for the Imago online image service which can be turned on using a cmake option when building.

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