Newbie! Please help me setting up

Hello Guys.

I am starting to run paraviewWeb on a local server but I am stuck in the first step. I am following the process explained in here.

I ran the command “npm install paraviewweb --save” and xBooomx!! I am stuck. What should I do next? The page treats you as you are a professional and already know what you are doing. The next title says “Creating your own project” and I have no idea what should I do?!

How do I create my project?

I bet you are not planning to do any web development using the ParaViewWeb react library.

What you are probably aiming for is to use the ParaViewWeb framework for creating web visualization using a ParaView backend. If that’s the case you should download a ParaView binary and then use the Python infrastructure already available inside ParaView to build your application.

You can look at this example on how to leverage such framework.

Thank you, Sebastien.

To be honest, the thing I have in mind actually does need web development using ParaviewWeb, but at the first hand, I just want to see Paraview on the web and enjoy my coffee afterwards!

I see you are using a framework called Vue.js! I am not familiar with that. This tutorial will bring up Paraview on a web browser for me?

Also any basic steps on how to setup paraviewWeb using React?

Too many questions, huh? I am just starting XD!

Then the simplest thing to do is:

  1. Download ParaView 5.9
  2. Run pvpython -m paraview.apps.visualizer
  3. Open your browser on http://localhost:8080/

Or you can run Visualizer using older version of ParaView like described here.

In either case, you don’t need to install the paraviewweb library for doing any of that.

The template example will show you how to create a web application using ParaViewWeb and how you can control the server by making some network call.



I downloaded Paraview 5.9 and ran the command. I got this error:

Got unknown argument: -m

I could make it work by this command:

$ ./bin/pvpython                                                 \
    ./share/paraview-5.9/web/visualizer/server/  \
    --content ./share/paraview-5.9/web/visualizer/www/             \
    --data $PWD/share/paraview-5.9/data                             \
    --port 8080

However, I still do not know what is the difference between ParaviewWeb and Visualizer. The thing I want is to design my own one-page app with its own buttons and environment and use OpenFOAM and ParaView in the backend to do what I want through some terminal commands.

Visualizer is a full application using the ParaViewWeb framework.

This example is also using the ParaViewWeb framework but is very basic while showing you the pieces that are required in order to create a ParaViewWeb application. Once you understand that example, you should be capable of creating your own single page application based on ParaView.

Ok, will try it then!
Thanks, Sebastien.


I made all the progress down to the last step. I run the following command but as I expected, it gives a ‘No such file or directory’ error:

/.../pvpython ./server/pvpython/ --content ./dist --port 1234

can't open file './server/pvpython/': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

Where is this server directory?

I copied the server directory from the GitHub repository into my project, after running the project I got this webpage telling me " Welcome to Your Vue.js App". It seems that VTK is not loaded.

Try to run that example as-is…

git clone
cd web-project-templates/vue-vtkjs-pvw-template
npm install
npm run build
/.../pvpython ./server/pvpython/ --content ./dist --port 1234