Nightly ParaView client freezes when connecting to remote server

As recently as two days ago, I’ve successfully been able to connect a client of the released version of ParaView 5.11.1 to a remote pvserver of the same version, however, I wanted to test out some new features in the nightly version and my client freezes on the Waiting for Connection to Server screen.

Client Information:

Version: 5.11.1-1743-gc891e043a6
VTK Version: 9.3.20230919
Qt Version: 5.15.2
vtkIdType size: 64bits
Embedded Python: On
Python Library Path: C:\Program Files\ParaView 5.11.1\bin\lib
Python Library Version: 3.9.13 (tags/v3.9.13:6de2ca5, May 17 2022, 16:36:42) [MSC v.1929 64 bit (AMD64)]
Python Numpy Support: On
Python Numpy Path: C:\Program Files\ParaView 5.11.1\bin\Lib\site-packages\numpy
Python Numpy Version: 1.25.2
Python Matplotlib Support: On
Python Matplotlib Path: C:\Program Files\ParaView 5.11.1\bin\Lib\site-packages\matplotlib
Python Matplotlib Version: 3.7.2
Python Testing: Off
MPI Enabled: Off
ParaView Build ID: superbuild ae1e15ada9b26dabc41e13cd235bd9adcdfb4f8a (master)
Disable Registry: Off
Test Directory: 
Data Directory: 
SMP Backend: TBB
SMP Max Number of Threads: 8
OpenGL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL Version: 3.2.0 NVIDIA 528.24
OpenGL Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER/PCIe/SSE2
Accelerated filters overrides available: No

Server information

paraview version 5.11.1-1743-gc891e043a6

Steps to repeat

  1. Manually start the pvserver on remote Linux server, using my personal port number.
  2. Launch client ParaView on local Windows 11 workstation
  3. Use the Choose Server Configuration dialog to connect to the remote Linux server.

What I see on the server:

greg /h/g/a/ParaView $ ~/apps/ParaView/ParaView-master-5.11.1-1743-gc891e043a6/bin/pvserver --server-port=14774 &
[1] 1914113
greg /h/g/a/ParaView $ Waiting for client...
Connection URL: cs://cauchy:14774
Accepting connection(s): cauchy:14774
Client connected.

What I see on the local client, even 10 minutes after connecting

And I can’t click on anything in ParaView, not even Cancel (I get the “Windows Busy Chime”).

Also, it’s mildly annoying that the Waiting for Connection to Server dialog remains affixed to the top of my screen, so while I wait for it to connect it blocks my view of other applications:

Do you think you could test a few different nighlies to identify which version started mibehaving ?

Sure - do you have an idea of where I should start?

I’m afraid not, but a simple dichotomy between the one that works and the one that don’t should get you going.

Ok - digging in… FWIW I’ve verified ParaView-master-5.11.1-1693-gee53bc9344-Windows-Python3.9-msvc2017-AMD64.msi (which is the oldest artifact on the downloads page) does work. Will report back when I find the break.

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