Nightly sources are not updated anymore

It seems like since ParaView-5.6.0-RC2-106-g5c86ccb69 (September 22), there are no more new nightly sources (only binaries) uploaded to
It would be great if they were updated again, as these are much faster to download than cloning the git repository.

@utkarsh.ayachit disabled these on 25 September. I presume we should revert that change since they are being used?

@lhofmann : Can you elaborate on the issue with using the git repositories ?
I agree the the initial cloning of the repo must be longer than downloading the source, however fetching and updating to master is definitely faster than downloading the source.

What usecase does “downloading the nightly sources” cover fo you ?

We are doing our own nightly builds with our own configuration for the systems we use. For this, we relied on downloading ParaView-latest.tar.gz, as we do not share data between builds.
Of course this is purely for convenience and we could switch to checking the source out of the git repository.