No binary found after 100% of SuperBuild...

So I finished my superbuild with the following command:

➜  build-paraview cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/qth20/.local/paraview -DENABLE_mesa=True -DENABLE_paraview:BOOL=ON -DENABLE_ffmpeg:BOOL=ON -DENABLE_tbb:BOOL=ON -DENABLE_ospray:BOOL=ON ../paraview-superbuild
➜  build-paraview make -j 8

[... Several minutes later...]

-- Set runtime path of "/home/qth20/Downloads/build-paraview/install/lib/pvrenderserver" to "/home/qth20/Downloads/build-paraview/install/lib"
-- Installing: /home/qth20/Downloads/build-paraview/install/bin/pvrenderserver
-- Installing: /home/qth20/Downloads/build-paraview/install/lib/pvbatch
-- Set runtime path of "/home/qth20/Downloads/build-paraview/install/lib/pvbatch" to "/home/qth20/Downloads/build-paraview/install/lib"
-- Installing: /home/qth20/Downloads/build-paraview/install/bin/pvbatch
-- Installing: /home/qth20/Downloads/build-paraview/install/lib/pvpython
-- Set runtime path of "/home/qth20/Downloads/build-paraview/install/lib/pvpython" to "/home/qth20/Downloads/build-paraview/install/lib"
-- Installing: /home/qth20/Downloads/build-paraview/install/bin/pvpython
[ 95%] Fixing paths in generated CMake files for packaging.
[ 96%] Completed 'paraview'
[ 98%] Built target paraview
Scanning dependencies of target paraviewsdk
[ 98%] Creating directories for 'paraviewsdk'
[100%] No download step for 'paraviewsdk'
[100%] No update step for 'paraviewsdk'
[100%] No patch step for 'paraviewsdk'
[100%] No configure step for 'paraviewsdk'
[100%] No build step for 'paraviewsdk'
[100%] No install step for 'paraviewsdk'
[100%] Completed 'paraviewsdk'
[100%] Built target paraviewsdk

But, inside install/bin, there is no paraview:

➜  build-paraview ls install/bin | grep paraview
➜  build-paraview ls install/bin
2to3              fc-scan           llvm-dis             llvm-size        python2
bugpoint          fc-validate       llvm-dlltool         llvm-split       python2.7
bunzip2           ffmpeg            llvm-dsymutil        llvm-stress      python2.7-config
bzcat             FileCheck         llvm-dwarfdump       llvm-strings     python2-config
bzcmp             freetype-config   llvm-dwp             llvm-symbolizer  python-config
bzdiff            gperf             llvm-extract         llvm-tblgen      sancov
bzegrep           idle              llvm-lib             llvm-xray        sanstats
bzfgrep           ispc              llvm-link            nc-config        smTestDriver
bzgrep            libpng16-config   llvm-lto             not    
bzip2             libpng-config     llvm-lto2            obj2yaml         verify-uselistorder
bzip2recover      llc               llvm-mc              opt              vtkkwProcessXML-pv5.5
bzless            lli               llvm-mcmarkup        paraview-config  vtkParseJava-pv5.5
bzmore            lli-child-target  llvm-modextract      pip              vtkWrapClientServer-pv5.5
count             llvm-ar           llvm-mt              pip2             vtkWrapHierarchy-pv5.5
easy_install      llvm-as           llvm-nm              pip2.7           vtkWrapJava-pv5.5
easy_install-2.7  llvm-bcanalyzer   llvm-objdump         pngfix           vtkWrapPythonInit-pv5.5
embree2           llvm-cat          llvm-opt-report      png-fix-itxt     vtkWrapPython-pv5.5
f2py              llvm-config       llvm-pdbutil         pvbatch          xml2-config
fc-cache          llvm-cov          llvm-PerfectShuffle  pvdataserver     xmlcatalog
fc-cat            llvm-c-test       llvm-profdata        pvpython         xmllint
fc-list           llvm-cvtres       llvm-ranlib          pvrenderserver   xmlwf
fc-match          llvm-cxxdump      llvm-readelf         pvserver         yaml2obj
fc-pattern        llvm-cxxfilt      llvm-readobj         pydoc            yaml-bench
fc-query          llvm-diff         llvm-rtdyld          python

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong…?

I believe you’re missing ENABLE_qt5=ON in your cmake options. Without that, ParaView was build without Qt support. Hence you have pvserver, pvpython, etc. but no paraview in the install/bin/ dir.