No HTML generated when exporting a VTKJS scene (with Paraview Glance) through a pvserver

I am running Paraview 5.8.0 and can sucessfully generate a nice HTML when exporting a VTKJS scene and using the “Paraview Glance” option. When I repeat the same operation connected to a remote server (with pvserver), I am able to generate the VTKJS file, but I do not obtain any HTML file. What is strange is that there are no errors issued. I have noticed that even though I can save the VTKJS file in my computer, the Paraview Glance HTML file has to be on the computer running pvserver.

This is probably related to some issue on where things get executed. This could actually be a complex problem. But if you have the vtkjs file, you can easily post process them outside of ParaView to bundle the viewer with the data since just only plain python is required.

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