No module named 'paraview.web'

Hi all!

After looking at the different options to do paraview visualization in a browser environment I decided to install paraviewweb from source using the instructions from here:

I was not familiar with npm but after installing some additional ubuntu packages it finished without errors. I didn’t know what to do with the example on the page, so I then cloned an example from here:

but when running the pvpython command I get the ‘module not found’ error.
How should I continue to correctly make the system aware of the paraviewweb modules?

The paraviewweb repository is not required to expose ParaView in the web nowadays. Unless you are looking to use some of its react widgets.

ParaView already bundle all the existing web applications in its binaries. You can list them by running pvpython -m paraview.apps -l. And then running something like pvpython -m

If you are aiming to create your own application, you should look at trame which allow you to use a VTK or ParaView backend for any visualization simply by only using Python.

Dear Sebastien,
Thank you for this information. However, when I run pvpython -m paraview.apps -l I get an empty list. Do I need to install additional packages? I have now installed paraview, paraview-dev and python3-paraview (v.5.9.0-2ubuntu1) from the package manager

I have also installed trame, it looks very nice!

Hum, I’m not familiar with the system package of ParaView. This indeed could explain why some modules were not built. You might be better off by downloading ParaView directly.

Trame require 5.10 or newer.

I installed the paraview source, and I got trame working, including the paraview examples. This looks great! Thanks for pointing this out!

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