No Qt platform plugin

I downloaded and installed the Paraview in Win10. everything is ok…But I cannot run this application and the error says “This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.” Could anyone help me to solve this problem? Thanks!

You can copy the corresponding qwindows.dll from Qt library to paraview/platforms folder.

Thanks for your response! I copied the qwindows.dll from Qt library to paraview/platforms folder, but the error still exists and the Paraview can not be started. Maybe I copied the wrong path, because there are a few different qwindows.dll files in Qt. If possible, could you please tell me the path of Qt’s qwindows.dll? BTY, there has existed a qwindows.dll in the paraview/platforms folder, so should I replace the original one using the corrsponding file from Qt or just keep the both? Help!

If there is existed a qwindows.dll in the paraview/platforms, I think there is no problem to run paraview. You can download the *.exe file. paraview 5.7.0

Many thanks! I install the paraview via your link and downloaded the latest msmpi and finally it works! I can run the paraview now! I still don’t really know what the reason is, may be the reinstalling is needed after the installation of Qt. Anyway, many thanks for your help! BTY, my e-mail is and wechat (wying301). I have just started and look forward to learn from you~