no slip boundary condition does not hold

Dear All,

I have no slip boundary condition at x=0 ( y-plane), when I am trying to see velocity at edge it shows some velocity magnitude… like at x=0.0022232 v.y =100 on y plane. I understand that it is showing me values of adjacent data-point. Why it is no showing values at x=0? Is there any way to get values at that point???


Please share more info. How are you “seeing” this ?

Please share data and steps to reproduce.

Hello Mathieu,

Thank you for the reply. I had vtu files output from basilisk( I tried to see left boundary parameters using hover points. I have implemented no-slip boundary condition on left boundary, but in this image, second co-ordinate of u.x is y directional velocity showing some magnitude. It should ideally be zero. I am not getting any data for x=0 co-ordinate. I am attaching image for your reference. It is giving error for uploading vtu file.


please share your data.