Node Editor wwith custom nodes

Hi, I’m interested in using the ParaView node editor as a custom GUI to produce inputs for some of my software, its not clear to me how I would go about leveraging the work already done. Does anyone have any hints if we can use custom nodes in the node editor?

@Jonas.Lukasczyk @Charles_Gueunet

@Andrew_Davis Thanks for your interest in the Node editor, I know that some project like cmb have already used it to setup a simulation instead of a VTK pipeline, but we stay in the same ecosystem. If you are completely outside of VTK maybe some changes will be needed to make this node editor efficient … and if you go with it we would be glad to update the ParaView code accordingly.
For the custom node, I am not exactly sure about which kind of object your are talking about. A new type of node ? A node corresonding to a new kind of proxy ?