Not able to Visualise PointData/CellData in Paraview

Hi, I am creating a vtkhdf writer. Although I am able to load the geometry in Paraview, but I am not able to see the datasets in PointData/CellData.
I am creating a MultiBlockDataSet with UnstructuredGrid data inside of it.

Ok, maybe share some code and errors ? :slight_smile:

I am not getting any errors in Paraview. I am just seeing the array status doesn’t contain my dataset. Attaching my hdf file herein.
tria.vtkhdf (8.3 KB)

Then we need to see the code writing the data.

But maybe @Lucas_Givord can help using only the data :slight_smile:

I also doesn’t have any error in paraview but in my terminal I have this:

 #006: /home/jafar/dev/paraview/src/VTK/ThirdParty/hdf5/vtkhdf5/src/H5Gobj.c line 669 in vtkhdf5_H5G__obj_iterate(): no creation order index to query 
   major: Symbol table                                                                                                                                
   minor: Bad value                                                                                                                                   

It might be related, you need to track the order for the Assembly and his children, you can check the second bullet point in this section : VTK File Formats - VTK documentation

Also note that there is a public repository which contains h5py scripts to generate valid vtkhdf file, this one create a multiblock with unstructured grid and polydata: (this script require also vtkpython)

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I am actually tracking order in Assembly, have specified the argument while creating the Assembly group.
And thanks I will checkout the public repo!

Thanks @Lucas_Givord I replicated the organisation from the public repo. It worked! Problem may have been the index attribute in Assembly group!

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