Novice question - fragment sizes and depth of penetration

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I am looking to extract the size of fragments that are formed from explosively-driven case simulated in CTH using an AMR mesh. Their dimensions (in cm or mm, but to an accuracy of 1mm) and mass of the individual fragments is of interest (in g). There are hundreds if not thousands of fragment pieces, so I know that I need to set a threshold of some kind.
I am also interested in the depth of penetration of these fragments into a witness plate. I currently set a clip plane through the witness plate and move it unti lthe fragment disappears (manually) and then note the position of the plane with respect to the surface of the plate. Time consuming and inelegant.
Finally, is there a way to add the current simulation time to animations?
Thanks very much in advance.
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I have written up a tutorial on CTH here: This will show you how to look at your fragments in CTH AMR. (Surprisingly, doesn’t work with flat meshes).

Sources/ Annotate Time.

After looking at the tutorial, feel free to ask questions here.


Thanx for the step-by-step instructions. I had used these to get as far as I had in just loading CTH data. When I got to the fragments bit, the masses of the fragments that Paraview finds is too low to be real. I can see a number (20?) large fragments (some as large as approx. 50mm by 10mm by 5mm), but the stats are coming up with a maximum mass of (from memory - I’m at home at the moment) 0.013 (I am assuming grams), when these should be maybe 30 grams. Any ideas?
Sorry about all the parentheses :slight_smile:

I have now successfully got the stats of fragments out with another data set. :+1:

Still working on the extracting the depth of penetration in an elegant way though.

Thanx for the help so far.