Number of Contours stays 1

Dear Experts

I want to view the electric potential that I calculated from ElmerSolver (.vtu), but when I got the contour plot there is only 1 contour surface which is ~1000V. Since the potential is 0~1800V, how can I get more contours? I put the geometry and contour view here. The .vtu file is too large so I can’t upload.

Hello @crispsssy,

When you have the “Contour” filter selected, in the ParaView “Properties” panel (on the left by default) you should find a section called “Isosurfaces” that looks like this:


The “+” button allows you to add values to the list, the “-” button allows you to remove them and the “|-|-|-|” button allows you to generate a range of contour values.

I hope this is what you were looking for.

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