Numerical values interpreted as NaN

I’m trying to create a 2D plot using paraview 5.4.1 but for some reason, the program interprets what looks to me like normal numerical data as NaN. Or at least I think it is doing this according to the color it is using to render the grid.

errorstate.pvsm (244.5 KB)

full_td_calMFM001_001.csv (185.5 KB)

If I managed to upload these files correctly, they are a small portion of the data set I am working with and a paraview state image that shows the problem I am having. One of the sub-windows should show a strip plotted in the yellow NaN color, even though the data which it is using (in the other window) has no NaN values.

Am I just missing something extremely simple? I have used this TableToPoints filter successfully before, but I don’t see any substantive difference between what I did then and now that could cause a problem like this.

Your data was set to “Categorical” in the “Color Map Editor”. I just unchecked it.
correctedState.pvsm (526.9 KB)

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This solved the problem. Thank you.

For those in the future who are as bad at Paraview as I am: the color map editor can be toggled on from the dropdown “View” menu. After clicking on the item in the Pipeline Browser that exhibits the NaN problem, the Color Map Editor will populate with information. There should be a check box labeled as “Interpret Values as Categories.”

Another interesting point: the changes made to fix the problem in the small state that I originally posted remained after closing and reopening ParaView and then opening the larger state that was originally exhibiting the problem.