numpy clip not working in programmable filter

I am trying to use numpy in programmable filter. I can do other operations such as divide, converting list to numpy array etc., but numpy clip does not work. It does not throw any error but I see that numpy clip has no effect. Does anyone has any idea what might be wrong. Here is the python code that I am using in the programmable filter

import numpy as np
data['u'] = np.clip(np.divide(input0.CellData['rho_u'],rho),0.1,0.4)
output.CellData.append(data['u'], "u")

Hi there,
I’m experiencing the same issue. I tried to boil it down to the underlying functionality which is

np.minimum(a_max, np.maximum(a, a_min))

So it seems that the min and max functions from

from vtk.numpy_interface import algorithms as algs

do not take a second array or scalar as argument. Is this a bug or did I miss somthing?