NVIDIA IndeX and Volume rendering in ParaView 5.9.0

I am using ParaView 5.9.0 for CONVERGE output files ( h5 format). These data are cell arrays, I am converting that to point data using CellDatatoPointData filter. My goal is to perform volume rendering. I don’t see any option for volume or NVIDIA IndeX in the representation option. My understanding was from ParaView 5.9.0 ( based on previous comments ) we will be able to select Volume in representation. However, I don’t see that option.

Any idea, What I am missing.

Note: If I use ResampletoImage in my point data I am able to see NVIDIA IndeX. Is that any direct method for point data to NVIDIA IndeX representation ?

You will likely need to extract the volume block with the Extract Block filter first, which will result in a multiblock dataset with only unstructured grids. You should be able to volume render the result. The full CONVERGE dataset contains polygonal dataset blocks, which is probably why the Volume and IndeX representations are not available for the entire dataset.

Thanks @cory.quammen

Extract Block filter solves the problem. If I use volume (instead of NVIDIA IndeX), Can I still get GPU acceleration?

Yes, if the Select Mapper property is set to “Projected tetra” (the default) or “Resample To Image”.