Nvidia Index error on EGL build

Hello everyone

I built ParaView v5.7 with the superbuild, EGL, cuda and mpi enabled for a cluster with V100 GPUs. For now it should just run on one node with one V100.

When I connect to ParaView with a client and create a wavelet, it works just fine. When I load the Index Plugin and then create a wavelet, ParaView crashes with the following output.

Thank you very much for help in advance!

nvcc_info nvidia-smi pv_about

Edit: Must be a cuda driver issue. When i run deviceQuery from the cuda samples, I also get the message “CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version”.

Edit2: I fixed the driver issue, deviceQuery has a proper answer now but ParaView with Index still fails.

Edit3: Maybe it is worth mentioning that is used the following files for the EGL build. I found them few weeks back, can’t find the source of the information anymore. But the build only works with them.

Hi @nopech,

Please direct IndeX-related questions to paraview-plugin-support@nvidia.com.