NVIDIA index error/ Paraview 5.10.1 and 5.10.0 on Mac book Pro M1


I’m trying to use NVIDIA index using pvNVIDIAindex on M1 Mac book pro where input file is xdmf, h5 format.
When I try change the representation to NVIDIA IndeX` for 3D velocity data, I get the following error.

nvindex: PVPLN  init error: The data array 'velocity_save_deg_2' has 3 components, which is not supported by NVIDIA IndeX.
nvindex: PVPLN  init error: Failed to initialize the mapper in vtknvindex_irregular_volume_mapper::Render.
nvindex: PVPLN  init error: NVIDIA IndeX rendering was aborted.

I saw an exmple of speeding up volume rendering with NVIDIA index, so I thought it could be used for 3D velocity, but, as the error message says, it seems like it can not be used for 3D data.

Am I doing something wrong here or NVIDIA index can not be used for 3D data?
I’m happy to share my data if necessary.


Hi @Kei_Yamamoto

I have no issues visualizing a image data with a 3 componenent points arrays with the nvidia index plugin here.

Sharing your data may be needed indeed.