Nvidia Index error under paraview 5.8/windows 10 with latest nvida driver

the error message as follows:
nvindex: 1.0 PVPLN main error: Trying to set unsupported z-buffer precision 0. Please verify the status of the X-server when the precision is reported as 0.

it is a HP mobile worksation, the Intel HD graphics 630 video card has been turnoff , only Nvidia Quadro M1200 was used.

the display driver comes from nvidia, which is updated 2020/2/24, driver version

any way the INDEX running pretty fast, but some times eject paraview program.

best regards

I suggest emailing paraview-plugin-support@nvidia.com for help with this problem and other IndeX-related problems.

Thanks,I just contact Nvidia, they have following suggestions
1)MPI could not using with Index GPU function at same time. suggest switch to none MPI paraview for using Nvidia Index funcition .
2) Paraview 5.8 have latest Index software, it is an outbox solution, user did not need reinstall the Index2.4 again.