Nvidia index errors

Dear all
I would like to implement the nvidiaindex plugin to get high performance in rendering.
My way to install the plugin is to build the paraview 5.6.0 from source and turn on the Nvidia index option.
But when I launch the paraview, I go the following message:
By loading the ‘pvNVIDIAIndeX’ plugin you have accepted the EULA shipped with it.
If that is not acceptable, please restart the application without loading
the ‘pvNVIDIAIndeX’ plugin.
Although with that message, the paraview can be launched successfully.
However, when I try to use the pvnvidiaindex, the viewport is blanked and stucks.
Anyone knows what is the problem?

Duplicate of NVIDIA IndeX Plugin on Paraview 5.5.0 / 5.6.0