NVIDIA Index issues ParaView 5.11.2 EGL

I installed the ParaView Server for Headless Machines on the cluster and enabled the pvNVIDIA Index filter, but when I connected my data and selected NVIDIA INDEX representation, I got the following error. Our cluster has NVIDIA A100 GPU and CUDA 11.

nvindex: 0.1 CUDA rend info : Found 1 CUDA device.
nvindex: 0.1 CUDA rend info : Found 1 CUDA device.
nvindex: 0.1 CLUSTR net info : Networking is switched off.
( 222.971s) [pvserver.0 ] vtkOutputWindow.cxx:78 ERR| nvindex: 1.0 INDEX main error: Cannot enable networking due to license restrictions. Please start with networking mode OFF.

Only the free license is bundled with ParaView. This is the version described on NVidia site:
“For usage in a workstation, or single server node, the plug-in is available at no cost.”

To run on several nodes, you need a license from NVidia.

Regarding the license, on the NVidia web site they say:


" … the Cluster edition of the plug-in is available at no cost to academic users and with a license for commercial users."

Here is information on how to set the license key:



So, you might be able to get a licence at no cost if you qualify or you’ll have to pay for it.


The default IndeX license in ParaView 5.11 (and earlier) enables single-GPU rendering only, and does not permit IndeX GPU “cluster” rendering.

In other words, if you start Paraview headless on a single GPU node, you should be able to use Paraview IndeX in client/server mode if you use a thin client without a CUDA GPU (or disable client side rendering to enforce use of the remote GPU).