Nvidia Index Volume rendering not showing although installed

I have successfully installed and tested Nvidia Index volume rendering plugin with a sample wavelet source. I now want to use it for visualizing outputs of my fluid simulations (finite volume code with cell centered data values) in xdmf and vtk file formats. But in representation option I don’t see Nvidia Index available for my loaded data. Any help will be very useful.

A wavelet was rendered successfully


You’ll have to load the plugin before you open your dataset. Try doing that as the first step.

@utkarsh.ayachit I have already tried that with no luck both with vtk and xdmf outputs.

In that case, I suspect your data is not volumetric but instead a surface or maybe multiblock of volumetric datasets. If the latter, try using the Resample To Image filter to resample to an 3D uniform grid and then you should be able to volume render it.

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Thanks a lot! Using the filter I was able to do the volume rendering.