Obtaining curvature of a surface from unstructured grid in paraview

Dear Paraview users,

I have some results for a surface in paraview in the form of an unstructured grid, and I want to obtain curvature from it. So far, I have tried using the Delaunay2D filter, then the smooth filter and then the curvature option. However, the curvature results are not smooth (image attached below), there is a lot of discontinuity and sharp increase near elements that are small, or near the edges of the surface. Is there a filter I can use to improve the results? Or is there a different approach that I can try?

I have also tried the Extract Surface Filter + Smooth Filter + Curvature. The curvature for this case is of the order of 10^5, as opposed to order of 10 for the previous case (10ish is a more reasonable number, I do have a fairly smooth surface). I looked up the guide for this filter, but couldn’t figure out what could be wrong. I’m also not sure which of the two, Delaunay2D vs ExtractSurface is a better suited filter for this case. Any suggestions?

In addition, I also have access to xyz point data in a text file for this surface, which I am mentioning, in case that is a better way to proceed to obtain curvature. So far, I have only tried delaunay filter for that, as I am not aware if there is a better way to proceed for this case.

You may get some ideas from this topic: https://discourse.vtk.org/t/vtkcurvatures-yields-unreasonably-large-values-along-borders/2527