Obtaining xml variable values in a property widget

I have a plugin that implements a property widget, the plugin is an implementation of the vtkPOpenFOAMReader source.
In a portion of the xml file I have:

<StringVectorProperty name="FileName" 
      <FileListDomain name="files"/>
      <Documentation>This property specifies the file name for the
    <IntVectorProperty name="pvOptAirfoil"
      <BooleanDomain name="bool"/>

Where pvOptAirfoil is the property widget I am creating. Is it possible to expose the value of the filename to the code that handles the qt based property widget? Or obtain the value from the proxy somehow?

I found a solution by creating a dummy QLineEdit object and linking the property value from the proxy.

  foamFilePath = new QLineEdit(this);
  this->addPropertyLink(foamFilePath, "text", SIGNAL(textChanged()), this->proxy()->GetProperty("FileName"));

It seems to work, but is there a more direct way of manipulating the properties?

This fix also breaks the refresh (Modified command in xml) for some reason. Existing data loads fine but I cannot refresh the dataset.

Hi Andrew,

In case you wrap your plugin in xml file, in RequestData() and RequestInformation() functions, which are the parts of your plugin, you have an access to FileName variable just by typing:
print('FileName:', FileName)
(using last string, in ParaView’s Output Messages window you will see the value of FileName variable).

Best Regards,

The file I am trying to access the FileName variable in is an instance of pqPropertyWidget. I know the reader source code has access to FileName from RequestInformation, but does the pqPropertyWidget have access as well? If so do you have an example?