Oculus Rift to visualize PV models

Hi I’m using Oculus Rift to visualize PV models.
I’m able to send the model to openVR but I was expecting a more smooth manipulation of the model when using the controllers.
I can only manipulate the models pressing the grip button at the same time in both controllers ( right & left) and open or close my arms as in a circle, is there any other options?
Is not possible to use the trigger button to grab the model , any suggestions?
Would be possible in a near future to have the same features as Prospect plugin from Irisvr.com ( https://irisvr.com/prospect ) ?
Would be really good to have a similar dashboard.
At the moment to scroll trough the option in PV , VR I have to move down & up my right hand, not so user friendly.
Is it possible to see animations in openVR? I’m using the latest version of PV.

Luis Mestre

Thanks for the feedback. We made some improvements to the oculus controllers recently that should be in the nightly ParaView binaries (not sure if they are in the latest release). You should be able to fly (change your location) smoothly using the right thumbstick, and use the left trigger to iterate through previously saved locations.

In terms of grabbing objects in grab mode the right trigger should grab objects and let you reposition them smoothly but it currently works off of bounding boxes which can be clunky with overlapping objects. Now that we have fast pixel level picking we need to update that to something better. Not on my near term todo list though.

In terms of an in-VR panel we have the VTK panel that pops up from the SteamVR dashboard (probably only the latest PV nightlies have this and maybe not even them yet, not sure) And of course there is the in-VR scrolling menu accessed from the application menu button (not sure what button that is on oculus from memory).

Over time we will continue to work on improve the in-VR interface as customer’s request and as always we welcome community contributions.

Hi Ken
Thanks for your quick reply.
I’m quite new to PV & exploring the potentiality of the application for scientific visualization.
I will try the lastest nightly ParaView binaries.

Regarding Animations, is it possible to see in VR. I was not able using the lastest version of PV.

Luis Mestre

@luismestre, it was at one point possible to see animations in VR from ParaView but it has been buggy with me lately (when I click play everything disappears in VR).

Hi Bane
it happens the same with me.
This night I’m going to test with the latest latest PV nightlies and post the results tomorrow.

It has been a while since I tested animating while in VR so I’m not sure the status. At one point they worked for small datasets but that was close to a year ago and a lot has changed.

Hi Ken
I have tested with the Latest nightly ParaView binaries and the results are as following:

  • controllers , right thumbstick, I’m able to fly but only back & forwards, not orbiting.
  • animations , not able to run in VR still.
    Once I click “play” the animation in PV will be very jumpy and in VR is a blank flickering environemt .

Regarding the grab , I refer to use the trigger button to point to the model and move the model close me .
About the Dashboard I’m refering to the options board in VR in one of the controllers .
Will be possible to be visible my actions in VR in my desktop?

Luis Mestre

Left and right is not implemented. But you can point the controller left and then press up to move left as it moves in whatever direction the controller is pointing. I agree left and right would be nice and not that hard to add.

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I Kev, yes works like you suggested but still very stiff.
btw I’m writting in another topic ( a reply) that is pretty much the same as we are discussing here.
In the other other topic the user suggested to test ParaView-OpenVR-Windows-64bit, openVr works good with animations, however due to be a lower version of PV the controllers dont work properly.
Will be possible to move the code from openvr_api.dll to the OpenVR.dll ParaView-5.6.0-Windows-msvc2015-64bit ?

How do I debug PV to check the statement as suggested by a user.
" if (pvRenderer->GetViewProps()->GetMTime() > this->PropUpdateTime)" is not true except for the first time on line 776 in function “void vtkPVOpenVRHelper::UpdateProps()”

Luis Mestre

The animations in openVR are blank & flickering and in PV 3D View are jumping back & forward ( like 1 frame )