Odd Behavior when using OSPRay Pathtracer

Hi all,

I am using Paraview 5.11.0 on a Linux machine via a remote connection to a supercomputer to create some renders of large data sets using Paraview’s ray tracing features. I’m running into a problem where I go from seeing this

to seeing this after enabling OSPRay pathtracer with 10 samples per pixel

If I exclude the isovolume from the render view, I get an even odder result with a bunch of red lines in a ball shape

Removing both the clip and the isovolume from the render view gives the expected result. Any thoughts on why this may be happening and/or fixes for it? Thanks!


Does this happen with a non-remote setup? If possible, can you test with the 5.12.0-RC1 release as well?

The ball of red lines is most likely the Client/Server widget state bug that @Sankhesh_Jhaveri re-fixed recently and should work in 5.12 since VTK’s CI covers it.

The remote is running MPI correct? If so, then see this discussion for the most likely cause. Although from the appearance it might be related to the pathtracer background regression that was recently fixed and should appear in 5.12.