Open 3D .plt binary files from tecplot being read as 2D

Hi all,

I had a quick question, I have binary data sets from tecplot (.plt) before I realized my solver can output in EnSight format (which works best for me in PV). The problem is I cannot convert this .plt to the ensight format without re-doing the run.

I sought to directly load my data from tecplot then export it as an Ensight or PV compatible dataset but when loaded, the file is read as a 2D model instead of a 3D model, which it should be. I will attach it here:

Further, when I load another, correct ensight formatted data, it is read as a 3D model and I use the “resample to image” for volume rendering. My question is 1) how do I load my 3D model from binary tecplot files (.plt) to be read as a “3D” model not 2D? and 2) Is there a preferred approach to achieve the same visualization (resample to image using tecplot data)/sample script/ approach I can use to write the data to ensight format?

Or would I have to manually write the data to an ensight case file and corresponding variable data set files? Thank you.

Your data seems two dimensional.

No sir, it is in fact three-dimensional. I I load that that into tecplot or PV (if in ensight) it is properly read as 3D.


Then you should be able to export it to another format from within these softwares.

Sure I have tried that already but the issue stem from only being able to read it as a 2d data set even though it is 3d. The export options only allow for vtm format but this too remains 2d when loaded, but that is why I have attached the file for your reference. Do you think it may be better to manually write it to via a script?

Please see if you can try it out as I could not get it read as a 3d model. If I load the exact file in tecplot it is treated as 3d (note the x, y, z coordinate data). If not it’s ok. Thanks for the help anyways.

There’s a problem in reading the file via the VisIt plugin.


Just add a Calculator filter with the “Coordinate Result” settings to on and the following formula.


Hi, I was able to use your fix to manipulate the data to get the image I wanted. Thanks for your help sir!

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