Open a Mesh in ParaView (SimScale, OpenFOAM)

Hey Guys,
i am relatively new in CFD, and got a question, how to open a Mesh file in ParaView?
I use SimScale to do the meshing and calculation. In the downloaded Meshfolder are two folders, polyMesh and triSurface.
Inside the triSurface folder are *.stl files, which can opened easily with paraview, in the other folder are 8 files (please look at the screenshot below).
If i try to open them with ParaView, a dialog pops up, “Open with” but i dont know what i have to choose.
Is it even possible to open these files with ParaView?

Thank you

Hey Forum,
i wanted to report back to you shortly. An experienced user out of the SimScale forum told it to me.
Creat a empty Text File and name it case.foam, now you can open it in ParaView and see the Mesh.


Hey Kai–
I have a liquid.msh file and I renamed it as liquid.foam and call it in paraview but it report an error.

Could you please help

Afaik, .msh and OpenFOAM are not the same format.

Is your file to the Gmsh format ?

Thanks, it is .msh file not Gmsh

Afaik, .msh file are Gmsh. Can you precise how did you generate the file ?

Thanks and please let me ask you some basic questions soince I am new with meshing and Geo file and I have a ready .msh file and the original .geo file that is shown in the attached picture.

My aim is to midify the .msh file which is required for MOOSE simulation and so I want to edit .geo first ==> generete the .msh ==> employee it in my simulation. Coudl you pleae describe easy tool to handle the procedures.

A MOOSE msh file is not an openfoam file. Your mesh file configure the mesher which will produce a mesh that ParaView might be able to open. So I think your question should be asked on a MOOSE forum.

Hello Mathieu,

I am experiencing similar issue. I generated .msh file from ANSYS fluent. Could you please tell me if there is any way to convert the .msh to .vtu or .vtk file?

I appreciate your help.


Unrelated issue. Please open your own topic.