Open a Tecplot file .dat with block and cell centered formats

Hi, I am trying to open a Tecplot file .dat in attachment through ParaView 5.4.1.
It is a sphere with triangular mesh and it is printed by the CFD solver with datapacing=block and with a varlocation=cellcentered formats.

By searching in the web I found that a first possible step is to remove the line of the TITLE, as done for the other attached files momentum_0; but unfortunately it doesn’t work.
The main difference between the two files is the format of momentum_0 which is datapacking=point, thus in each line there are all the variables for each nodes; but I cannot modify the printing setup in the CFD solver.

Do you know if there is a way to open this Tecplot file type with datapacing=block and varlocation=cellcentered formats through ParaView? I also tried to use the Cell Center filter.

Thank you in advance,

momentum_0.tec (33.3 KB) momentum_0_modified.dat (33.2 KB)
sfera.gts01_00005.dat (1.6 MB)

By asking to a CFD professor he answered me to delete the spaces in the TITLE line, to put ZONE T=“FETri” between the quotes and to download the last ParaView version 5.8 ( I used 5.4 before) and now it works.