Open error in the 'pvtu' file

Hi, I have a solution file, resulting from multiprocessor wherein solutions are spread.

The paraview is outputting the following error, when I open ‘pvtu’ file.

"ERROR: In /opt/glr/paraview/paraview-ci/build/superbuild/paraview/src/VTK/IO/XML/vtkXMLDataReader.cxx, line 410
vtkXMLUnstructuredGridReader (0x7fc457f49a60): Cannot read point data array "f_24" from PointData in piece 0.  The data array in the element may be too short."

while each of 'vtu’files are being open without any error.

Can anyone guess what is the error with my pvtu file format?

Thanks in advance

Jaekwang Kim.

Hi @jaekwangjk12

Please share your .vtu and .pvtu files.

Best, (3.1 MB)

Hi Mathieu. Thanks for the reply. I attach the minimum example here.

The error is quite explanatory, your .pvtu lists some sarrays:

      <PDataArray type="UInt32" Name="connectivity" />
      <PDataArray type="UInt32" Name="offsets" />
      <PDataArray type="UInt8" Name="types" />

But they are missing from your .vtu files

Thanks for pointing this out!!