Open file/Load state modal window off screen

Under certain circumstances that are caused by using different multiple-monitor configurations with a laptop, the modal Open File and Load State windows are not visible. This causes ParaView to act as if it is frozen until Esc is pressed. This closes the invisible modal window and brings back the main window functionality

Expected Behaviour:
The modal Open window is shown centred on the main window, allowing selection of files, regardless of previous state.

Work Around:
To gain access to the modal Open window, close ParaView, navigate to %AppData%\Roaming\ParaView and delete the .ini file for the current version of ParaView you are using. When ParaView is restarted, the state will be reset and the modal Open window will be visible, centred on the main window.

My Details:
If I have my laptop plugged into a monitor and use paraview, it remembers where the modal was last seen and then won’t reposition if the monitor setup changes. This manifests as:

  • go to open
  • Paraview becomes “frozen”
  • Press Esc
  • Paraview can be used again
  • Delete the ini file for Paraview in %AppData% and we are good to go.

I’m using ParaView 5.5.0 64-bit, with Qt Version 5.8.0, in Windows 7 Pro, on a Lenovo X1 Carbon equipped with an Intel HD Graphics 520 card.

This is indeed an issue (see this). We have a few strategies on the charts to tackle this for 5.6.