Open ParaView File Fatal error if paraview launched with --multi-servers option

Dear experts,
running paraview with –multi-servers option generates a fatal error if user opens a file, after disconnecting from a server.
the issue can be reproduced as follows:

  • in a terminal, start pvserver
  • in a second terminal, type: paraview --multi-servers
  • in the main menu bar, click on connect and connect to server
  • in the pipeline, select the server and click on disconnect
  • in the main menu bar, select File - Open
    ==> Paraview crash.

Digging this out, it seems that in method pqLoadDataReaction::loadData()
pqServer* server = pqActiveObjects::instance().activeServer();
returns NULL which leads to the crash.
Replacing :
pqServer* server = pqActiveObjects::instance().activeServer();
with :
pqServer* server = pqApplicationCore::instance()->getActiveServer();

seems to fix the issue which can be reproduced with Paraview 5.9

Cc: @utkarsh.ayachit

I’m curious why you are using the --multi-servers flag if you are only connecting to one server?

Not trying to be a jerk, just wondering if there’s some kind of functionality I’m unaware of :slight_smile:
I just started using this flag myself but always with the server.

apologize, but do you know the status of this bug report?
Nabil (strangely, I can not use the double authentification with my Github account on Paraview.
It seems that the Two-factor authentification does not really work for Paraview Discourse.

Two-Factor Authentication
Protect your account with one-time use security codes.

nothing happened yet, first an actual issue would need to be created: