Open VR options not visible in v5.9 on Windows

Hi all. I’m new to Paraview so forgive me if this is a obvious question. I’m trying to get PV working with my Rift headset on Windows. I have SteamVR running, and then I load PV (v5.9). My understanding is that Open VR capability is built into this version so there’s no need to manage/load a plugin, correct? When I load a dataset however, I don’t see any controls to “send to VR”.

(Under the Plugins manager I see a VR plugin, but my understanding is that this is a different way to get it done…but it’s not the OpenVR solution I ought to try first. Correct me if I’m wrong)

Any advice on how to make the VR options visible/available?


Hi Jeff, welcome to the ParaView community.

I see that the OpenVR plugin is not in ParaView 5.9.0-RC2.

@ben.boeckel looks like openvr is not enabled on the CI machines. Could you enable OpenVR in the superbuild Windows runners?

I don’t see it in linux either, am I missing something ?

Was it in linux packages in 5.8?

Looks like it was not in 5.8 either, not in any version before that.