OpenGL in VMWare with Windows guest

Last November I was struggling to run Paraview in a VMWare virtual machine with a Windows 10 guest, and finally solved the problems with the aid of this forum that pointed me to the MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=3.2 environment variable: Paraview was just running fine!

Now I am realizing that I have “freezing” of the software (not responding any more) and regular crashes.

In the meantime I went from some PV 5.2 version to 5.5 - and from some “googling” I learned that something must have happened in 5.4 regarding OpenGL. This is what “About” is telling me now:


The problem also reminds me to what I can see here:

However the proposed solution (set SVGA_VGPU10=0 in the environment and bring the supported OpenGL version back to 2.1) does not seem to be applicable in the case of Paraview.

Does anybody have ideas and proposals?

Otherwise going back to an older version looks like a possible option of course…

Kind regards, and thanks in advance for any hints and comments!

Are you able to reliably reproduce the freezes and crashes you are seeing? If so, could you post the steps needed to reproduce to aid debugging?

PV only needs OpenGL 3.2 Core so we should be fine based on the vmware article. I would also suggest looking at

to make sure your system has everything it needs for the 3.3 Core OpenGL support. The fact that PV is reporting a 3.3 Core context is good news in that it seems to be doing the right thing. Freezing/crashing sounds like a underlying driver issue in vmware or the underlying hardware driver. You could try updating that as well.

Thanks for both your replies!

During the last months I mostly worked (programmed) on Linux and avoided that VMWare machine - rather using a “real” Windows for more testing.

But I will take some time the next days and try to get a reproducible freeze or crash - and come back with it to the thread.

Regards, Cornelis