How to run ParaView (including the binary release) using Mesa on Windows

Mesa is an alternative OpenGL implementation that let you run graphic application while not using your GPU driver.

It can be very useful for a number of cases :

ParaView has been shipped with Mesa on Linux and MacOS for a long time, but building it on Windows is not something we have been trying to do so far.

Thankfully, a github project is providing release of Mesa for Windows that can be used directly.

Disclaimer : This code is not supported by Kitware and the binary are not built by Kitware, use as your own risk.

Here is a steps by steps guide to use this with ParaView (tested with 5.8.0) on an up-to-date Windows 10.

You can check that it is actually working in Help -> About


@cbourcier @Michael : FYI

Thanks so much for this step by step procedure, got it working for my use. I experienced this problem with Paraview crashing when I use it with windows RDP.

I am a beginner on these things, can I ask how do I actually turn MESA off? When I try to launch now without RDP, i.e. on the actual computer, paraview only shows a black render screen. I want to use mesa when using RDP and the original display driver when running locally. My idea is to have separate environment variables for this, but is there a better way to easily do this?


You need to remove the .dll files you copied into the bin directory.

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